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Two Rivers Salon & Spa

Welcome to Eagle, Idaho, where Stephanie and Matt Baker have turned Two Rivers Salon & Spa into a carefully edited retreat for those seeking good hair. Taking inspiration from the glitz of Las Vegas (specifically, the Wynn抯 salon and spa) and the street-chic aesthetic of New York, the two conceptualized a rich, streamlined and tranquil space, which has since received considerable editorial recognition for its design.

Here, Stephanie tells us how she and Matt worked with their designer - by email - to renovate their 9-year-old salon into its current state. Their big goal? To show off Stephanie抯 揵aby: a striking nickel-chain chandelier she抎 been in love with for two years before completing the Two Rivers customer-friendly facelift.

Explain the concept behind your space. What were the inspirations?
While looking for inspiration, we visited the Wynn Salon in Las Vegas, and that抯 where we got the idea for designing the front entrance with a round desk and a chandelier centerpiece. I had torn the chandelier out of a magazine nearly two years ago in a Hudson Furniture ad. We decided to use it and then create our lobby space around the light.

Along with the chandelier and round desk, we wanted to capture our audience and capitalize on the retail section of our salon so we made the retail shelving in curved walls. While the clients are waiting for our stylists, their attention is naturally directed toward the retail.

What about your stylist stations?
We enhanced the look of our stations while maximizing space, in comparison with our previous salon. Then, each station was enclosed with a wall separating it from others. In order to create more stations and increase revenue per-square-foot, we opened up the stations. This enabled us to have more chairs and gave the space a more open and friendly feel.

The drawers are custom-built and one-of-a-kind to improve efficiency and further create open space. When not in use, they抮e pushed flush into the wall. Then, while doing a color, a stylist can slide the unit out. We worked in close collaboration with our electrician to include the electrical elements and power cords cleanly inside each work station. At no time does the client have to be turned to the side, away from the mirror, and the cords are allowed to reach all around the client. So卬o roll-abouts allowed.

Did you hire a designer?
Absolutely. We knew that to achieve our desired look and feel, outside professional help would be necessary. Our original salon and spa at our current location was created in 2002 and was designed by Roslyn Zumbrunnen. She did such an amazing job the first time that we just had to use her for the remodel. Plus, she remembered every inch of the space. She moved to Minneapolis in 2003, so it was intriguing to plan and execute the entire expansion via phone and email.

What do you want guests to feel when they step into your space?
Although my husband Matt and I were born and raised in Idaho, we both love to travel and bring ideas back to our salon and spa in Eagle, Idaho. Although there tends to be a lack of upscale restaurants and shopping in Idaho, many people here do enjoy those sophistications. We try to bring the look of spas from New York, L.A. or Las Vegas to Idaho. It抯 very important to us, difficult as it might be, to both achieve those aesthetic goals and keep our prices in line with Idaho抯 economy.

We want guests to feel a difference in experience on either side. The spa is a more tranquil environment, especially with the beautiful view of the river. The salon is more about fun, with brighter colors, upbeat music and Oribe runway and product DVDs playing in the lobby.

What is your favorite element of the design?
My 揵aby: the beautiful Barlas Baylar chandelier. The chandelier is created with nickel chains, and it reminds me of beautiful draping jewelry. I wanted to downplay all the other elements of the salon so the chandelier remains the main focal point.

How does artwork play into your design?
The chandelier is our main piece of artwork, and we based the rest of the design around it. I wanted one piece of unique, beautiful art, and the rest of the artistic aspects are simplistic pieces. Down the hallway we have simple, classic Oribe portraits: black and white with silver frames to complement the silver in the chandelier. We also added some wallpaper to frame the makeup area because I had fallen in love with a magazine photo of Phillip Jeffries Rock Star Jewel. I feel the look of our salon complements the look and feel of Oribe products: modern, sleek, classy and glamorous.


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