Mercedes-Benz Spring 2012 Fashion Week

"Hair Wraps"

Lindsay Degen抯 first-ever womenswear presentation, held at New York City's Artisanal House during Mercedes-Benz Spring 2012 Fashion Week, featured a quirky collection of barely-there knitted crop tops, shorts and underwear. To complement Degen抯 flirty creations, lead hairstylist Shalom Sharon for Oribe Hair Care gave the models locks a just-out-of-bed (or just-off-the-beach) texture infused with vibrant pops of color courtesy of multi-hued hair wraps.

How to get the look:
1. Prep hair with Maximista and Foundation Mist for weightless volume.
2. Dry the hair using your hands. Create loose, unstructured curls by twisting sections of hair around your fingers as you dry it. Massage the hair at the scalp to create lift as you dry.
3. Once hair is dry, apply Dry and give locks another twirl to lock in the curls.
4. Mist hair with new Apr鑣 Beach to create a messy, unpolished texture.
5. Add colorful hair wraps to braids, updos or ponytails for a pop of color.

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