Mercedes-Benz Fall 2012 Fashion Week

Eleven Objects

For the Eleven Objects fashion week event, stylist Ryan Nickulas, owner of Ryan Darius Salon in New York City, worked backstage using some of his favorite Oribe Hair Care products. 揟he look was a modern, texturized, matte bun, Nickulas explained.

Here抯 how to get this fashion-forward style:
1. Starting about 3 inches from the hairline, create a large teardrop section and coil a bun as flat as possible to the head.
2. Apply Dry Texturizing Spray to the remaining section around the hairline, then back-comb.
3. Pull back that section and knot at the crown. Secure with a hair pin and spray with Superfine.
4. Finish with a pea-size amount of Rough Luxury for added texture.

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