US Weekly, March 2012

"Celebrity Hairstyle Inspiration: Sky-High Bouffants!"

Pump up the volume!
Stars like Adele, Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry have been getting high&mdashwith their hair, that is&mdashin retro bouffants.

To copy their sky-high look, US Weekly has laid out the full step-by-step.

1. Begin by sectioning off hair into three parts: left side, top, right side. Working with just the top section of hair (think mohawk), place a hot roller against scalp and wrap a two-inch section of hair around the base like you would with a curling iron. Start at front and place each roller behind one another to form a line down the center of your head.

2. Once rollers are removed, let hair cool and spray each section with Oribe Hair Care Dry Texturizing Spray to create texture.

3. Except for the very front section of hair, begin to back comb each section. When back-combing, use a bristle paddle brush or a teasing brush rather than a plain comb. This volume will be the foundation and oomph of your bouffant.

4. Gently pull un-backcombed hair over the backcombed hair and secure in place with bobby pins. Either leave your bouffant in a half-up, half-down 'do or pin the sides of your hair back to where the rest of the bobby pins are and twist the ends of your hair into a French twist for a complete updo.

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