Allure, June 2012

"Divine Comedy"

Allure, June 2012
Hair by Oribe

For this Patti Hansen-inspired cover look, Oribe gave actress Elizabeth Banks a classic 1970s style. This is a classic look, inspired by a Patti Hansen cover from 70抯. 揑 was going for a beautiful, strong look with lots of texture, Oribe said. 揟he top is pulled back a little梐 great way to get your bangs off your face for summer梐nd the fullness at the sides gives it a really interesting, striking look. Elizabeth loved it! For the inside story, Oribe took her back to a different decade: the 30s.

Get the cover look:
1. Apply Volumista at the roots and Royal Blowout from mid-shaft to ends and blow out.
2. Create added volume at the root and at the front of the hairline with Dry.
3. Pull the front pieces back and secure with a pin or barrette.

Get the inside look:
1. Spray Soft Lacquer section by section and curl hair with a curling iron.
2. Apply Smooth Style Serum and wrap each section of hair into flat pin curls using a finger wave technique.
3. Remove the pins and comb hair in place, pushing it behind the ears for a modern 30s look.

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