8 Poses for the Office Yogi

There抯 always an intention to start 揵ecoming healthy in the New Year, and yoga is a great resolution. However, the truth of the matter is we抮e all running around at warp speed trying to get things done卼he next thing you know, that intention to take a yoga class a couple of times a week梠r even once a week梘oes right out the window.

With this frazzled state of mind comes anxiety, which causes us to breathe up in the chest. If we抮e not breathing efficiently and the muscles of the body are tight, we抮e literally stressing ourselves out.

What抯 cool about yoga is that you don抰 need an entire physical practice or class to chill out. Yoga isn抰 about the asana (physical postures), it抯 about calming down the chatter in the mind so that you can find ease in life卭n and off the mat. By stretching out the body and creating space to literally breathe better, you immediately calm the nervous system and therefore calm the mind.

Now, whether you抮e standing or sitting all day, here are a few poses you can do without having to roll out a yoga mat and put on spandex.

Choose one梠r all梠f these postures, hold for 5 to 10 breaths and immediately find some peace of mind.

Scroll through the slideshow above to see each pose and a description of how to achieve it.

Jennifer Vagios MS RD YRT
ISHTA yoga teacher and Dietitian/Nutritionist
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Images courtesy of Andreea Waters of Kai and Gipsy

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