A Conversation with Stacey Weinstein

Wedding Belles

With wedding season just around the corner, it抯 time to put some serious thought into one of the most important parts of a bride抯 final look: her hair. To find out the latest trends and some tricks of the trade, we talked to stylist Stacey Lyn Weinstein, who runs the Once Upon a Bride Hair and Makeup service from her chic Manhattan salon, Loft 26. Stacey has appeared as a bridal expert on Entertainment Tonight, David Tutera抯 My Fair Wedding, The Knot LIVE and Lifetime抯 Get Married and has contributed to magazines such as Brides, InStyle Weddings, Glamour and People.

What are some of the top bridal hair trends for summer 2013?
Braids are still really in, with fishtails being the most popular. Brides are opting for side parts over center parts and hair that抯 clean, youthful and smooth. We抮e also seeing a lot of sleek updos that lie low on the nape and don抰 have as much texture as in previous seasons.

How do you determine what style to do on a bride?
I first get to know her personal style梬hat she wears as an everyday look and what she does for the weekend. You don抰 want to stray too far from who she is. I then look at the dress and figure out something that matches both the style of the gown and the bride抯 personality.

What do you do if a bride asks for a look that you don抰 think will work for her?
A style can look completely different depending on the person抯 face shape, hair color, texture and more, so what works on a celebrity or a friend may not work for you. I ask my clients to only bring in pictures of people with at least their same texture and hair color. If they bring in options that won抰 work, I try to present similar styles that I think would complement them and their dress.

What styles work best for various dresses?
If the dress has a high neck, hair should be up or off to the side. I suggest a low ponytail, chignon or side braid. For a sweetheart neckline, I like to see the hair down to minimize the amount of skin showing too much skin can distract from the beauty of the dress. When a dress has an asymmetrical top, it抯 important to maintain balance. Contrary to what you may think, you want to style the hair on the side that has the strap or the most weight so that you don抰 confuse the eye and force it to choose where to look.

How can brides inject some personality into a more traditional look?
Accessories can really help add a bit of the bride into the hair. Flowers or something meaningful like an antique broach can add a special, symbolic touch.

What about bridesmaid hair? How can the bridal party抯 style complement the bride抯?
The bride抯 hair should dictate her bridesmaids styles. I like for everyone to have a similar vibe but with slight variations. For example, if everyone is wearing their hair half up, you can modify the look with braids, twists and more.

What are some of your tricks for keeping hair in place from the walk down the aisle to the last dance?
First of all, brides should always arrive with day-old hair; styles stay in better when the hair has some oil, and overly washed hair can be slippery. If a bride抯 hair is too silky, the stylist should use Dry Texturizing Spray to add some texture and cut the gloss. It makes it much easier to work with the hair and helps secure pins.

How can brides prevent helmet head from too much hairspray?
Everything should be done in prepping the style so that the hairdresser doesn抰 have to 搒hellac it at the end. Using the right products and tools while prepping the hair is essential to getting a style that looks natural and stays in all night. You should only need a light misting of hairspray at the end.

How can brides prep their hair for the big day?
I give the bride shampoo and conditioner samples at our initial meeting and encourage her to use quality products to her hair into great shape for the wedding. If the bride needs cut and color services, I recommend doing those two weeks beforehand梩hat allows time for any necessary fixes and gives you time to re-book if your stylist or colorist happens to get sick and cancel your appointment.

How can brides prep for bad weather?
Always go into your wedding day with two options that you love梠ne for good weather and one for bad. A lot of girls will go for something slicked back out of fear that it will be humid and their hair will frizz, but it may not necessarily be the style they抳e been dreaming of. Make sure your stylist knows both.

How can brides touch up their hair throughout the night?
If hair starts to fall out or fall flat, have a few products handy to refresh your style. I like to give my clients Oribe purse size sprays for touch-ups.

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