A Conversation with

Emily Weiss

Ever wondered what Karlie Kloss' favorite eyeliner is or how Liv Tyler keeps her skin glowing? Well, thanks to Emily Weiss and her addictive beauty blog, Into The Gloss, we now have answers to those questions卆nd many more. Emily launched Into The Gloss in September 2010 after working for such prestigious magazines as Teen Vogue, W and Vogue. Having been an avid beauty hobbyist for most of her life, Emily often found herself wondering what the many models, editors and fashion professionals surrounding her were using in their own beauty routines. 揑 started Into The Gloss because I didn抰 think there was an elevated yet accessible beauty platform out there, Emily said. 揑 wanted to approach products through the people who used them and show how beauty is another element of personal style.

When she's not documenting the grooming rituals of the industry抯 elite, Emily and her dedicated team of beauty junkies are asking the most sought-after makeup artists and hair stylists to reveal their tricks of the trade, experimenting with runway beauty trends, testing new products and introducing us to their favorites. We talked to Emily to learn more about how she got her start in beauty and photography (did we mention she does that, too?), the most interesting beauty advice she抯 collected over the years and what she抯 excited for this fall.

Tell us about your foray into the beauty/fashion/photography world?
My first internship, which ended up lasting 3.5 years, was at Teen Vogue. I loved it because I got to work on so many different things, from photo research and styling to pitching story ideas and writing. It was a great introduction to fashion and beauty.

In terms of photography, I went to art school at NYU and learned photography there. I always really liked images and experimenting with them. Lately, I抳e been using a disposable camera.

You抳e interviewed and photographed many style influencers for your 揟he Top Shelf section of the website. Who抯 on your wish list of people to chat with in the future?
J.Crew Creative Director Jenna Lyons; models Natalia Vodianova and Daria Werbowy; music artists Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Grimes; and YouTube beauty expert Michelle Phan

Any particularly memorable interviewees?
One of my favorites was Dita Von Teese. She was so casual, forthcoming and real. That抯 really refreshing from someone who gets so into makeup, beauty and portraying such a strong character.

What products and trends are you looking forward to for fall?
I抳e been loving the reddish eye we saw on a lot of runways. It抯 almost vampire-like. There are quite a few eye shadows in the rust family that look beautiful, especially on people with green eyes.

Personally, I抦 really looking forward to growing my hair out a little longer this season. I have been through the hair cycle recently, and I抦 excited to grow it out and have it consistent for a while.

What are some of the best beauty tips you抳e gotten over the years? The strangest?
One of the biggest things I抳e learned is that you really need to pay attention to your eyebrows, which has been emphasized by many makeup artists I抳e talked to. Before I started Into The Gloss, I didn抰 realize how much you need brow gel; even just going over them with a clean mascara wand misted with hairspray helps you look pulled together and groomed

A big backstage staple in every beauty kit is face mist. It hydrates you and helps refresh your makeup in the middle of the day.

Also, makeup artist Tom Pecheux tipped me off to Homeoplasmine, a nipple cream that doubles as a great lip balm!

Who are your style and hair icons?
I love Daria Werbowy抯 hair; her hair every season is exactly what I want mine to look like. Jane Birkin is also a hair and style icon of mine, as are French Vogue editor Emmanuelle Alt and '90s-era Kate Moss. I also love Rihanna抯 style.

There are so many aspiring writers who would kill for your job. Is there anyone抯 career you wish you could 搒teal?
To be honest, I抦 loving life and my job right now, so I抦 pretty happy where I am. I do, however, really admire Arianna Huffington, Jenna Lyons and Marissa Mayer. It抯 pretty incredible that Mayer is a CEO who knows how to code (that抯 foreign language to me!) and is brilliant technically卼hat抯 really inspirational.

Favorite Oribe product?
I love the whole line, but my absolute favorite is Dry Texturizing Spray; it抯 eclipsed all dry shampoos and gives such amazing texture.

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