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Surfcomber 101

Sexy, tousled supermodel hair doesn抰 require a trip to the beach梐nd it抯 not just for summer. We asked the Oribe educators to help us turn up the heat this fall using Surfcomber Tousled Texture Mousse, an innovative new product that shapes and separates strands with hold and high shine. Read on for their top tips to getting sexy, surfed-in hair that抯 perfect all year round.

Ronnie Stam
Rocker Chic
Oribe educator Ronnie Stam reaches for Surfcomber when he wants to create effortlessly sexy, rock 憂 roll texture in the hair. 揟his isn抰 for the girl who wants a beautiful blowout梩hat抯 a situation where you抎 use Grandiose, says Stam. 揑t抯 for the cool, confident, downtown girl who doesn抰 want a look that抯 too done.

The key to creating an easy, wearable look with Surfcomber is applying it in small portions. For perfectly disheveled rockstar strands, Ronnie prefers to use the mousse as a finisher and applies dime-sized balls of Surfcomber to dry hair from midshaft to ends. 揂pplying the product to dry hair will allow you to see the effect of the product instantly, he explains. He then scrunches it in and lets it sit. 揑t抯 important to take a step back and see what the product is doing, adding more product only where needed. This allows for more control so you can get the exact texture you want. Play with how much product you use梐nd let the hair dance.

Kien Hoang
Short and Sweet
Oribe educator Kien Hoang loves the pomade-like hold that Surfcomber provides in short hair. For short-haired girls (and boys), Kien suggests doing a curl set for those without natural waves, then applying gumball-sized amounts of Surfcomber gradually to hair. 揧ou don抰 want to put it on all at once, advises Kien. 揝crunch it in gradually, folding the product into the hair in an S pattern. The mousse will lock in the shape created by your iron while adding separation, definition and shine. 揑t抯 very important that you take a step back and look at the overall style you抮e creating. If you need a little more mousse in one spot, add more. Use a little bit at a time until you really get the hang of it.

Fringe Benefits
Don抰 forget about your fringe梑low bangs out straight and apply Surfcomber for piecey separation. For longer bangs with natural body, sweep them to the side for a dramatic look and use Surfcomber to bring out natural texture and create a deconstructed finish in curls.

Wet and Wild
The 搘et look hair trend ruled the Spring/Summer 2014 runways and was seen at shows like Rag & Bone, Prabal Gurung and 3.1. Phillip Lim, where models looked as if they抎 just stepped out from the ocean. For the on-trend girl who wants to steal this red-hot runway look, Hoang suggests applying Surfcomber liberally all over the hair and letting locks air-dry, making sure to slick back the sides. Surfcomber will define and hold the shape you create with your hands, says Hoang. Finish the hair with Dry for a matte, lived-in look if desired.

Ashley Brecken
Revitalizing Second-Day Hair
揗y favorite way to use Surfcomber is on second- or third-day hair that抯 already been blown out or styled, says Oribe educator Ashley Brecken. Brecken recommends emulsifying a golf ball size dollop of Surfcomber in your hands, tilting the head to the side and scrunching the product in a little bit at a time from midshaft to ends. Surfcomber reactivates any of that wave and body that you blew in or created with a curling iron. It creates a lot of movement and gives definition to the hair once it dries厃ou get instant Victoria抯 Secret hair that抯 incredibly full.

If you have extra time in the morning to revitalize second-day tresses, Brecken suggests pairing Surfcomber with a few spritzes of Foundation Mist at the hairline and Thick Dry Finishing Spray at the roots for volume.

Dapper Pompadour
揑 also love Surfcomber for a men抯 look that抯 very styled, like a pompadour, says Brecken. She suggests applying Rock Hard Gel at the root and then distributing Surfcomber throughout, blowdrying the hair with a round brush into a pompadour style. For a more toned-down look, finish the hair with Dry for grip and texture or Original Pomade for sleek hold.

Au Naturel
If your hair is naturally curly, Surfcomber is a great second option to Curl Shaping Mousse. Brecken notes that several of the curly-haired stylists in her salon love applying Surfcomber to wet locks and letting hair air dry. 揑t抯 very hydrating and gives separation and definition without weighing hair down, says Brecken.

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