Salvatore Ferragamo Resort 2012

"The hairstyle for the Ferragamo resort show was all about beautiful texture," Oribe says. "The clothes were very luxurious and upscale, so we wanted a sophisticated, cool look for hair."

How to get the look:
1. Start with a great blowout. The key is to get the hair smooth, but it doesn't have to be perfectly straight.
2. Run Original Pomade through the hair and flatiron. You'll end up with a glossy, shiny texture that you can still comb through with the added moisture from the pomade.
3. Pull hair back into a simple bun, just wrapping the hair around itself, securing with bobby pins. Think of Bianca Jagger from the '70s.
4. Run a wide-tooth comb gently through the top of hair to add separation, but keep the sides smooth. The look is simple but chic, and the comb marks on top add extra texture.

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