Tips from Oribe

Sexy Summer Waves

Need bombshell hair in a flash? Try these easy tips from Oribe, who's time-tested his skills for crafting just the right waves on-set, for the red carpet and at fashion week.

Tip #1: If you have wavy hair...
When Oribe styled Blake Lively for Vogue, he focused on moisture. "To get Blake's look, run Cr鑝e for Style through wet hair, and blow-dry or allow the hair to dry naturally," Oribe says. "If you go for a blowout, just be sure it's a quick one."

Tip #2: If your hair craves moisture...
Think Gisele, not Hollywood red-carpet, says Oribe: It's not about perfect ringlets. "Run Supershine through your hair, and allow it to air-dry," he explains. "Encourage the hair to clump together as it dries. You can add a spritz of Royal Blowout at the ends to increase separation."

Tip #3: If you need to fight frizz...
Summer humidity can turn sexy waves to fuzz, but Imperm閍ble can save the day. Spray it through your locks after styling to prevent frizz. "If your hair is extra frizz-prone," Oribe adds, "you can mist it with Soft Lacquer before touching it up with a curling iron - to lock your hair together and help it take direction."

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