InStyle September 2011

"Wild Card"

Hair by Jeremy Clark

How to get the look:
1. Prep the hair with Foundation Mist. It provides some moisture but is still weightless and light enough to comb through.
2. Next, rough-dry the hair and then go back in with a curling iron.
3. Using a really small iron梞aybe about a inch to inch barrel梒reate approximately three little fingerwaves or pin curls per section on each side. To start, take a 1.5- to 2-inch section (I go by the width of my first two fingers) and create a row coming from behind the ear forward to the recession area of the temple. I usually curl the first row forward, which creates a little dip at the forehead, and then alternate the direction of the curls.
4. Once the sides are done, set the back of the hair. I use more standard curls, rather than pin curls, but still fairly tight.
5. Then I will set the look with Superfine (that way I can still brush it out later) and keep it set until it really cools off.
6. Lastly, go back through and use a vented brush to brush through those curls and comb them into that S pattern.

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