Italian Vanity Fair, September 2011

"Blow Up"

Hair by Ronnie Stam

How to get the look:
For the female:
1. Lightly dampen the hair with Foundation Mist.
2. Apply Cr鑝e for Style at the roots and Supershine at the ends.
3. Blow-dry hair section by section, starting at the roots, using Soft Lacquer for finish and shine.
4. Use a -inch curling iron and large rollers to set the curls. (Skip the Velcro rollers, which can create static.)
5. Let the hair cool. Take the rollers out, brush and apply Imperm閍ble.
6. Add extensions to the hair to achieve desired fullness and length. Use a small extension piece in the front of the hair to create the bangs.
7. Smooth out any remaining frizz on the top and around the hairline with Rough Luxury.

For the male:
1. Apply Gel S閞um, section by section, to wet hair from mid-shaft to ends.
2. Blow-dry using a round brush.
3. Once hair is dry, spray a generous amount of Apr鑣 Beach all over the hair.

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