Alberto Guzman

Shades of Pink

A chat with the daring梐nd colorful梥inger抯 hairstylist, Alberto Guzman

Pink may be playing a hairdresser in the upcoming film Thanks for Sharing, but the risk-taking singer owes a lot of her signature looks to her own mane man, Alberto Guzman. The two have collaborated on many looks throughout the years, for editorial shoots, music videos, awards shows, tour performances, and most recently, her new movie role alongside Gwyneth Paltrow and Mark Ruffalo.

Guzman first met Pink in 2000 on a shoot for Seventeen, where he created six different styles using her natural hair and some extensions. The rising star was impressed with his versatility and invited him to do her hair for new music video, 揧ou Make Me Sick, which featured beautiful Marilyn Monroe-inspired waves that added some glamour to an otherwise gritty shoot. Guzman was next called in for the 揕ady Marmalade video, which had Pink sharing the stage with Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim and Mya. 揑t was the most fun and outrageous experience, he says. 揑t was so amazing to hear all of them sing together. The video went on to win the MTV Video Music Award for Best Video in 2011, and was followed up with collaborations on the videos for 揇on抰 Let Me Get Me and 揓ust Like a Pill.

Along with styling the artist for videos and magazines, Guzman embarked with Pink on her promotional tour for four years. 揥e traveled around the world, and I got to visit places I抎 never been or thought I抎 ever see, says Guzman, who went to Barcelona, Edinburgh, Germany, Stockholm, Singapore and Japan, to name just a few locations. 揑t opened up a whole new world to me. Guzman may have been there for work, but there was also a lot of play time. 揥e were up early every morning and out late every night, he remembers. 揑t was exhausting, but so much fun. Pink is a blast to be around because she is such a sweetheart and has a great sense of humor.

While Guzman抯 favorite look to do on Pink is soft, glamorous fingerwaves, he also loved the choppy bob with bangs he created for the 揓ust Like a Pill video. 揝he looks great with her short styles, but I love her in a chin-length bob, he says. 揝he just had her hair that long, but I had to cut it for the film.

Guzman says that one of the challenges of working with a musician (or really, any celebrity) is that people in the spotlight often have a very defined image to adhere to, so you don抰 always get to suggest your own vision. 揚ink has a strong personality and really knows what she wants, he says. 揝he抎 come to me with a pretty out-there idea, such as a Mohawk or dreadlocks, and I抎 have to figure out a way to make that idea look beautiful. He notes that the key to having your own ideas heard is to gain your client抯 trust, which is important with both celebrities and salon clients. 揥hen doing hair, you have to be confident and calm, he advises. 揟he most important thing is making your client feel comfortable and certain that you抣l make her look her best.

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