And the Nominees Are...

Turning in award-winning performance is about more than just perfecting a particular accent or demeanor; it抯 also about portraying a certain appearance that allows the actor to fully embody his or her character. Hair is often a key component to achieving that ideal look, whether its transforming a woman into a man, helping the world抯 most famous actress morph into a renowned politician, turning back time to recall an earlier era or going from girl-next-door to girl-you-would-never-want-to-cross-in-the-dark. After this morning's announcement of the 2012 Oscar nominations for Best Actor and Best Actress, we asked Oribe Hair Care educator Tom Gallagher to break down the hairstyles for the top contenders for Oscar gold梐nd tell us how to recreate them (it抯 never too early to start planning for Halloween!).

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