Fashion & Beauty Week

On March 19, salon owner Jack Panico will kick off another Fashion & Beauty Week and once again shine an international spotlight on the state of New Jersey...and on the hair and makeup industry. Panico conceived the event, which has the tagline ďWhere fashion and beauty collide on the runway,Ē to show how the two elements go hand-in-hand when creating an overall look. ďIíve always worked backstage during New York Fashion Week and have seen how hair and makeup are kept behind the scenes,Ē Panico said. ďBut I wanted to move beauty to the forefront. My goal is to elevate the salon industry to the highest level.Ē We chatted with Panico about the big gala event, the money it raises for charity and this yearís addition of Fashion & Beauty Weekís Nightsí Out.

You originally founded the event as New Jersey Fashion & Beauty Week. Why did you change the name?
We dropped the ďNew JerseyĒ due to increased attention and interest from across the country. The event has really grown wings. Iím in talks with salons in cities like Miami, Chicago and LA about growing this initiative in a controlled way. I eventually see it being a big international event.

Oribe is proud to be the official haircare product of Fashion & Beauty Week. What other brands have gotten involved?
Lord & Taylor is sponsoring a makeup bar at the event, which will showcase top brands like Chanel, LancŰme, Estee Lauder, Trish McAvoy and Bobbi Brown. Wella is also doing a hair lounge for cut and color consultaions.

Please tell us a little more about the kick-off event taking place on March 19 at The Venetian in Garfield, NJ.
Itís really a gala attached to fashion previews. Attendees get a sneak peek at collections from designers like Monique Lhullier, Jay Godfrey, THEIA and BCBG. Thereís also a cocktail dinner and hair and makeup lounges set up to offer a full beauty experience. Itís a fun way for people to mingle with athletes, celebrities, editors, industry icons and local personalities. This yearís event is being hosted by Danielle Monaro of Z100ís Elvis Duran & The Morning Show.

Do stylists from Panico Salons to all the hair?
No. I invite top salons from the area whose stylists have editorial and fashion show experience to participate. Two salons work with each designer to create the hair for his or her presentation. This year, a team from Oribe will be doing the hair for the Monique Llullier portion of the fashion show.

The gala also acts as a fundraiser for the Diabetes Research Institute. How did you get involved with that cause?
I have always been involved in giving back to community and national charities. I was inspired to work with the DRI by a client of mine who has diabetesóI saw how strong she was despite all that she had been through and wanted to do something to show my support. I flew out to the organizationís headquarters in Miami, and it was incredible to see all of the labs working to find a cure.

Youíve now added Fashion & Beauty Week Nights Out. Tell us more about that.
Fashion & Beauty Week Nights Out takes place from March 20-24, 2013. Weíve enlisted restaurants, boutiques, department stores, salons and more throughout New Jersey to host mini fashion and beauty events all week. This gives the eventóand the charityóthe maximum amount of exposure and helps to stimulate the local economy.

Creating this initiative was no small feat. How did you make it happen?
Iíve been in the beauty industry for 20 years, so Iíve been able to build up my credibility among my peers. They could see how important this was to meóIíve learned that when you take something seriously, other will as well. I really put myself out there and networked with everyone. I initially had to really convince people to come on board, but after they saw the first event, it was no longer a tough sell. I now have designers and sponsors coming to me. Itís been pretty amazing to see all the support Iíve gottenÖeven from people I barely know. Thatís a true testament to how worthwhile Fashion & Beauty Week is.

How can people get tickets to Fashion & Beauty Week?
Tickets are available online. Click here to purchase. You can also learn more about the event on our website.

Watch the official Fashion & Beauty Week video here.

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