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Finding a swimsuit that fits perfectly while also meeting your style needs can feel like an insurmountable task, but Gabby Sabharwal of giejo has mastered this formula with her collection of adorable mix-and-match swim separates. The fashion publicist-turned-swimwear designer has already amassed a following of fashion editors and industry leaders who go crazy for her sophisticated styles and eye-catching prints. Utilizing fabrics locally sourced from NYC抯 garment district, giejo has a bathing suit to entice every taste, from nautical to bohemian卆nd everyone in between. Gabby filled us in on her design inspiration, how to feel sexy in a swimsuit and her summer plans.

What抯 the story behind the name giejo? Does it have a meaning?
Giejo was my nickname when I was younger. My little brother couldn't pronounce my name and called me something to this effect. It just kinda stuck.

How would you describe the giejo customer?
The giejo girl wants to stand out on the beach, yet is classic at the same time. She is a smart shopper and packer, is always on the go and needs quick and easy options to take her around the world. She never wants to see a girl on the beach in her same suit. She is exclusive.

Where do you look for inspiration when designing?
Everywhere! The streets of New York City are especially inspiring. This is where fashion starts.

What抯 your favorite bathing suit in your collection?
Ahhh, asking me to pick a favorite? I love them all! It just depends on what mood I'm in

How do you wear your hair at the beach?
My hair is always au natural on the beach: free flowing with a little wave.

What抯 the best way to feel sexy and comfortable in a swimsuit?
To have confidence! Nothing looks good if you don't feel good in it.

What are your beach essentials?
My Celine sunglasses, a giejo wrap, lots of magazines and my iPad.

Do you prefer the beach or the pool?
The beach: There is nothing like floating in the ocean!

How will you be spending your summer?
Traveling to see family and friends

How did you make the transition from public relations to fashion design?
I am still doing both; they really go hand-in-hand. I feel so blessed to wake up everyday doing what I love!

What is your favorite part about being a designer?
The creativity and personal connection that I make with my customers is so rewarding.

What抯 the most important lesson you抳e learned about being a successful designer?
Always stay true to yourself and be nice to everyone.

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