Behind the Hair

"The Magical Wardrobe"

Martha Stewart Weddings, July 2013 issue
Hair by Menelaos Alevras

Elegant Hollywood glamour梬ith a twist梬as the theme for this whimsical editorial in the July issue of
Martha Stewart Weddings. Equipped with a beautiful model, a bevy of stunning wedding gowns and a storybook-like backdrop, hairstylist Menelaos Alevras was challenged to create a unique look for every dazzling design. Of the dozen or so looks Menelaos created, we asked him to share with us how to recreate two of the gorgeous styles seen above, plus give us some of his expert wedding hair styling tips.

What do you like about these looks?
I like both because they are very feminine and very elegant. These are great styles for a wedding because they are formal without being prim and they抮e put-together but not overdone.

What were your go-to products on set?
Purse Size Dry Texturizing Spray for on-set touch-ups, Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil to add moisture and shine, Cr鑝e for Style, Smooth Style Serum and Superfine Hair Spray.

What are some Oribe products every bride should have with her on her wedding day?
Maximista Thickening Spray, Cr鑝e for Style, Smooth Style Serum and Superfine Strong Hair Spray. The combination of these products smoothes the hair while adding a shiny finish. They provide the hair with body, fullness and maximum hold without leaving locks sticky or too stiff.

Any advice for a bride about deciding her hairstyle for the big day?
To ensure the right style, you just might have to put your hair into the hands of a professional stylist who has the expertise to design a look to complement your gown and wedding theme. And, please, rehearse the hairstyle before your big day!

Get the Look: Low front victory roll with wavy low bun
1. Apply Curl Shaping Mousse to wet hair.
2. Spray roots with Volumista and blowdry hair.
3. Put hair in hot rollers, let sit for 30 minutes. Take hair out of rollers and create a deep side part in hair.
4. Section off hair from the back of the side part to the opposite side and brush hair forward. Starting from the ends, roll hair up towards the back of the head, creating a roll that will sit on the hair line. Spray roll with Superfine Strong and use bobby pins to secure.
5. Gently brush back the rest of the hair and loop into a low wavy bun, being careful not to disrupt the curls.
6. Spray bun with more Superfine Strong to finish.

Get the Look: Low woven chignon
1. Spray hair with Maximista Thickening Spray.
2. Take big sections of hair and curl with a 1 1/2-inch curling iron, working from side to side, but don抰 set the curls.
3. Tease curls at roots to create height in the front.
4. Gently brush hair back into a low ponytail. Secure with an elastic.
5. Divide the ponytail into four sections. Mist each section with Maximista, twist and wind hair up near the base of the pony, leaving the ends out, and pin into place.

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