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Coco Rocha’s New Pixie Cut

Celebrity stylist Anh Co Tran, whose Ramirez Tran Salon in Beverly Hills, CA, is on schedule to debut next month, became a social media star yesterday as he chopped off Coco Rocha抯 famous locks. The cut, which was live tweeted by both the supermodel and Allure, took place at New York City抯 Chris Chase Salon (the salons抯 color director, Paul Cucinello, also gave her a richer hue for the occasion). Oribe Hair Care was on the scene桝nh requested only Oribe products to use for prep and styling梐nd chatted with Anh about the cut seen 憆ound the world and some tips for maintaining a shorter 慸o.

How did you decide how short to take Coco抯 hair?
Because she is a model, I want her haircut to play out all the roles that she takes on during shoots and shows. Being able to switch the style effortlessly was my goal. I wanted her hair to be easy梖or her and her work梑ut yet be able to perform. Her cut is full of contradictions: it抯 all at once soft, hard, feminine, masculine and playful.

What are your favorite products to use in short hair?
I love Oribe抯 Apr鑣 Beach and Rough Luxury Soft for short hair. They抮e so easy to use and flexible to apply.

What are your top tips for styling and maintaining short hair?
1. Try not to wash your hair daily. Dirty hair will work better.
2. Keep it flexible and playful.
3. Make sure the person who cuts your hair knows how to texturize and take out weight; this will prolong it抯 shelf life between cuts.
4. Get it cut every 4 to 6 weeks.

What抯 your advice for someone who wants to cut their hair short?
Research, research, research! Doing your homework is very important! Research great hairstyles, collect pictures of cuts you like and ask yourself why you want to do it. Most importantly, find a stylist in your area who can cut short hair. The stylist should do a lengthy consultation about your lifestyle, your motivation for the cut and how low or high maintenance you are, then determine the best cut for you.

How did you style her hair?
I emulsified Rough Luxury Soft in my hands and then applied it to the hair, starting with the top and then working it down to the sides and back, making sure to get it everywhere. Then I mixed it with Fiber Groom to soften the look and bring out the haircut and texture. Last but not least, I sprayed Apr鑣 Beach to create that lived-in look.

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