Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014


Hair by Adam Markarian

For Houghton抯 FW 2014 collection, the beauty look was all about repurposing last night抯 style for the next day. 揟he idea was a girl who went out the night before and has gone to bed with full hair and makeup, said lead hairstylist Adam Markarian for Oribe Hair Care. 揑t抯 bedhead, lived-in, day-after hair. The soft, textured waves created by markarian were a great balance to designer Katharine Polk抯 collection of strong fabrics and geometric shapes. 揟he clothes are very graphic, and there are lots of heavy textiles, so the hair helps to soften the overall look. It抯 very easy and effortless.

Get the look:
1. Saturate dry hair with Foundation Mist section by section, using hands to work in the product. 揧ou need to build a nice layer of product to even out the porosity of the hair, Adam said. 揟his will help us get the final look we want to achieve.
2. Mist hair with Maximista Thickening Spray from lengths to ends. Blow dry using a Mason Pearson to straighten out the texture. Create a messy center part.
3. Starting around the hairline and working your way to the center back of the head, take random sections of hair and mist with Soft Lacquer Heat Styling Spray from roots to almost ends. Using a curling iron, create an S-wave down the hair shaft, leaving the ends out. Start the wave by placing the iron on top of the section first so that the root lays flat to the head. Work your way down the hair, alternating the direction of the iron to create the S-shaped wave. Waves on the right side of the head should be directed to the left and back, and waves on the left should be directed to the right and back so the hair ends up hugging the head.
4. Gently brush out waves with hands and a blowdryer, using the pressure from the air to slightly break up the pattern of the curls. Tilt head to sides to help break up hair at the root.
5. Finish hair by spraying roots with Dry Texturizing Spray for added volume. Spray lengths with Dry or Apr鑣 Beach Wave & Shine Spray, depending on hair texture.

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