Behind the Hair

"Rachael Taylor"

Bello, May 2014
Hair by Sienree

Celebrity hairstylist Sienree got actress Rachael Taylor cover-ready for the May issue of Bello. Rachael reminded me of a modern day Grace Kelly, so I was super inspired by the classic Americana look, Sienree said. The clothes were very colorful and had a retro shape to them, so I wanted to lean towards a typical 50s housewife look, but with a modern touch.

Get the look:
1. Prep hair with Volumista and blow-dry with a round brush, lifting the hair away from the roots as much as possible for maximum volume and movement.
2. Once hair is dry, curl the ends with a 1.5-inch iron to give it a little bend and shape.
3. Roughly tousle the hair with your hands and some Dry.
4. Set the style with Superfine.

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