10 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Look

The New Year inevitably brings up hopes for梐t least to some degree梐 new you. When it comes to beauty, however, changes don抰 need be drastic for major impact. We spoke with five industry experts to get their tips for simple things we can do to refresh our look in 2013.

1. 揅lip-in hair extensions! suggests stylist and salon owner James Corbett. 揂 girl can clip in some hair and, in a matter of minutes, get more volume and/or length. You can even get some fun colors or have a funky ombr color without the commitment. I suggest going to a stylist and having a set made up to match your hair color.

2. 揅lassic red lipstick is a secret weapon that every woman should have in her makeup bag, says Sonia Kashuk, makeup artist and founder of Sonia Kashuk Beauty. 揟he color and tone will brighten the face and completely transform your look. That shock of color will become the focus to make a powerful statement, while still looking super feminine, sophisticated and strong. I love the 憀ess is more approach and keeping your makeup as fresh as possible. Red lipstick can look great when paired with a nude face and a natural eye卛t's all about the power of one.

3. 揝chedule regular massages to stay in a state of bliss, recommends Mina Gough, spa director at The Standard Spa, Miami. 揅ome early, stay late匒 one-hour massage is equivalent to six hours of sleep. Plus, it increases circulation, soothes your nervous system, comes to the rescue for the stresses of busy life, does wonder for jet lag and keeps your body in rhythm when travelling between time zones. Schedule a massage in the evening to really relax fully and work out those knots from built-up stress and follow with a night of good sleep厃ou will feel right as rain.

4. 揝elect the best style that complements your features and choose a hair color that enhances your skin tone梩hose are the most important rules of a hair makeover! says stylist Isaak Rubinov. 揟hen figure out which products will help your hair meet its potential. If you want straight hair, use Royal Blowout or Gel S閞um. If you want to tame curly hair, use Curl by Definition卭r use Sculpting Cream to enhance curls and waves. If you抮e looking to achieve a modern bun, tease hair with Dry then use bobby pins and Superfine to secure the style.

5. 揑t's all about working with what you have...and creating illusions for what you don't have, explains makeup artist Anastasia Arianas. 揝uffering with skimpy lips? After applying your lipstick, use an eye shadow brush to apply your bronzer right below your lower lip (above your chin). This will create a small shadow giving the appearance of a fuller pout. To finish the look, apply a highlighter above your cupid's bow to counteract the shadow casted by the bronzer. This will create the illusion of fuller, bigger lips.

6. 揂 sultry smoky eye is a staple for any occasion, notes Kashuk. 揟he key to creating a smoky eye is understanding how to layer the color. Start with the lightest color first and then blend your deepest tones into the lash line and crease for definition and drama. Keep in mind that when working with dark, deep colors it is important to minimize and manage fallout by shaking excess powder off the brush before applying to lids. When working with particularly dramatic dark makeup, a trick I use is to apply my eyes first and then go in with my foundation and concealer to eliminate the hassle of fallout altogether. Finally, don抰 forget lots of mascara!

7. 揥hat better way to get a new look then to experiment with a new color? asks Corbett. 揋o ahead and try something completely different. If you have always been blonde, what about going red? Or brown? If you seek out the help of a great colorist, these changes can be done with rinses or glosses so you can try a change without a heavy commitment.

8. 揂n eyelash curler is the key to taking your mascara the extra mile and really giving your lashes that wow factor, Kashuk says. 揃e sure to choose one that creates a beautiful upward curl and, with a delicate pumping motion, move from the lash base upward for maximum results. As we age, our eyelashes begin to straighten, so this small step of curling really opens up your eyes and makes a world of difference.

9. 揝tay looking young with glowing skin by getting a facial, Gough advises. 揂 healthy anti-aging facial repairs the skin on a cellular level, hydrates skin, softens fine lines soften, firms and lifts facial muscles and brightens skintone.

10. 揗ake your favorite lipstick last all night! exclaims Arianas. 揊irst, prep by exfoliating your lips (baking soda is my favorite梚t抯 cheap and efficient). Second, apply your facial primer on your lips and allow it to dry. Next, firmly press your lipstick tube into your lips (do not smear). Take a lip brush, swirl it into your lipstick and outline your lips to ensure there is no bleeding. Follow up with saturating your ring finger with the lipstick and pressing it into your lips卬ot leaving any nook or cranny colorless. Lastly, blot with a piece if paper (not a tissue) and follow up with a tiny bit of translucent powder. There you go: 8-hour lip color.


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