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pour couleur

Add life and shine to your hair with the latest color-maintenance technology. Intense, cuticle-enriching conditioning, color-protecting UV filters and next-generation frizz-taming bio-polymers supercharge this color-enhancing, hair-repairing, glossifying masque.

Massage, indulge (for as long as you want), rinse.
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For those who like to play with colors (you know who you are). Or those who spend a lot of time in the sun.


  • The ultimate luxury conditioning masque for color-treated hair
  • Rich, intensive conditioning without weighing down hair
  • Smoothes the cuticle, leaving hair soft and smooth as silk
  • Delivers a radiant shine
  • Keeps hair in the best condition, both in response to and in preparation for ongoing color treatments
  • Counteracts the dulling and drying effects of regular color treatments
  • Incorporates the newest UV-protection technology for hair to allow lasting protection from the sun and elements
  • Formulated without parabens or sodium chloride. Color and keratin treatment safe. UV protection for hair.

To maximize color抯 optimal brilliance - leaving hair smooth, soft and tangle free

  • Wild Mango Butter provides bio-conditioning, especially recommended for fortifying color-treated hair.
  • Specialty Conditioning Agents coat the hair shaft to add moisture and protect against color fade from sunlight.
  • Phyto-Ceramides provide enhanced hair-dye protection and smooth the hair shaft to enhance shine.
  • Bioflavonoids, responsible for giving fruits their fantastic hues, protect hair抯 own color from fading and discoloration.
  • Keratin and Hydrolyzed Keratin strengthen damaged hair and protect the surface of the hair shaft. Together, they penetrate the cortex to provide anti-aging benefits, maintain hair strength and prevent UV degradation.
  • Watermelon Extract from the Kalahari Desert in Africa, a highly purified active, provides natural protection against oxidative stress, deterioration of natural keratin and damage caused by UV light-induced free radicals.
  • Natural Sunflower and Moringa Seed Oils provide natural protection against the color-depleting, drying and damaging effects of the sun抯 rays.
  • Sunflower Seed Extract provides significantly enhanced UV protection.
  • Kaempferia Galanga Root Extract from South-East Asia delivers natural UV Protection.
  • Cinnamidopropyltrimonium Chloride provides UV-A and UV-B protection for broad-spectrum UV protection of hair.

Massage, indulge (for at least one minute), rinse.